FlexNetTM DL100 Audio Delay
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Grip® Innovations has introduced its first products to the professional audiovisual market.

The Grip FlexNetTM system is a comprehensive solution that incorporates highly efficient networking technology built to industry standards. We bring together all media types (audio, video, lighting) onto a single multi-functional digital network. User-friendly software applications, pay-as-you-grow modular hardware, and highly flexible wireless links are key building blocks inherent to our systems. We put intelligence in each of our network nodes, which deliver flexible control and exceptional sound quality to all users of the Pro AV environment. Grip Pro AV systems are known for optimizing operational efficiencies by reducing equipment volume, equipment footprint, cabling, setup and tear down time, staffing needs and maintenance activities for both portable and installed venues.

The Grip DL100 Audio Delay makes it simple to deliver great sound by allowing the audio engineer to delay a mono audio signal up to 170 milliseconds (192 feet). By delaying the electrical signal to the rear speaker to wait for the sound from the front speaker to catch up, the annoying echo effect caused by using multiple speakers is alleviated. Simply place the Grip DL100 next to the rear speaker and set the delay to the estimated distance between the speakers to immediately provide a great sounding audio system.

Here is a link to our FlexNet Product Overview and Grip DL100 Product Overview.